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Take ownership of your very own barrel of Better Man whiskey. Guide and enjoy it throughout the aging process. 

Purchase an entire barrel or a portion of a barrel. 

Bourbon Whiskey

15 gallon barrel



Full Barrel

  • 55-65 bottles, depending on final proof

  • Bourbon Whiskey: $5,500

1/2 Barrel

  • 25 bottles

  • Bourbon Whiskey: $2,500

1/4 Barrel

  • 10 bottles

  • Bourbon Whiskey: $1,100

1/8 Barrel

  • 4 bottles

  • Bourbon Whiskey: $400


to note

Who can join?

  • Anyone who loves whiskey! 1/8 - 1/2 barrel ownership is for individuals only. Full barrel ownership can be for an individual, group, or business. 


  • We onboard new members every January and June

  • Partial owners will take ownership of a barrel between 0 - 3 months old, depending on when inquiry about membership is made

  • Ages in approximately 1-2 years


  • When purchasing an entire barrel: You can come in and taste your barrel as many time as you'd like, but we recommend tasting every 3 months. There will be noticeable differences at this interval. Plus, you want to have some whiskey left at the end to bottle!

  • When purchasing a portion of a barrel, you will get to taste the barrel every 3 months.


  • When purchasing an entire barrel: You're able to choose what your barrel is proofed to, but we recommend taking the advice of our Head Distiller. And, who knows, you may end up with a stellar barrel and will want to keep it at cask strength.

  • When purchasing a portion of a barrel: Our Head Distiller will decide the final proof of the barrel.

how it works

Welcome Package

Meet Your Barrel

Let It Age

Bottle It

Take It Home

Whiskey Nerds t-shirts

Membership keychain with access to your barrel profile

Whiskey Glass

Facility Tour & Tasting and a free cocktail for each person in your group (max 2)

*Full-barrel owners will get free food and drinks each time they visit their barrel (max every 3 months).

Taste your barrel every 3 months

*Full-barrel owners may taste their barrel as many times as they like

Learn from Head Distiller, Peter, how he decides when a barrel is finished aging, and how he chooses final proof

*Full-barrel owners will be able to give their input on final age and proof

Come in to meet your barrel

*Full-barrel owners will get to taste 3 different barrels at 3 months old and choose their favorite


Sign your barrel

Bottle it up!

*Full-barrel owners will be able to bring their friends and family in to help bottle, and we will provide food for the occasion

Add a Whiskey Nerds Sticker

*Full-barrel owners have the option of adding a custom sticker

Bring your bottles home to enjoy!

*Full-barrel owners also get to keep the barrel

All members receive 20% off their bill when visiting on a non barrel tasting day.

Members receive an additional 30% off bottles from their barrel. 

Which membership level are you interested in?
Who is this membership for?

Thanks for submitting!

*Payment is due in full before any perks are claimed. The membership fee includes tax. The payment be split if you are joining as a group.


Barrels are also available for purchase by bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. 

1 Come in and choose a barrel as your own Barrel Select.

Taste it with your staff as it ages. 

Bottle it up and add a custom sticker with the name of your business. 

Keep all the bottles and the barrel!

Barrel pricing is the same as above.

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