like never before

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All igloos work the same way:

2 hour time limit

(you may book multiple blocks if you'd like)

$99 per 2 hours

Each igloo has its own theme cocktail that you can only get in that igloo!

Bluetooth speaker for you to control.

Other fun activities to enjoy.

Playing Video Games


A fun spin on boys' night - or anyone who loves video games and chillin! This igloo is definitely NOT just for the boys.

Complete with a couch, bean bag chairs, and gaming systems and games, you're guaranteed to have an awesome time.

Tropical Beach



Yeah, we're sad about winter, too, but in this toasty summer igloo you'll be able to sip on tropical cocktails and pretend that your toes are in the sand somewhere else.

I rented an igloo last weekend and its was amazing! The staff was very attentive and my group had a fantastic time. Drinks were great, and strong. We will definitely be back. Appreciate the fun experience. Thanks again!

-Elyse, Google

Forest in the Winter

Winter Wonderland

Bring your boo or snuggle up with some friends in this cozy candle-lit igloo. 



That 70s show vibes and a record player! perfect for a group of friends looking to be comfy somewhere other than at home. Oh, and a disco ball.


Girls' Night

Ladies night has never been more fun! Sit back, relax, wear your pajamas for all we care, and just enjoy the company of your closest friends.


How warm is it inside the igloos?

The temperature inside the igloos depends highly on the outside temperature. While we have heaters, it may be super toasty on a warm day and may be a bit chilly on a very cold day. We always recommend coming prepared with blankets and warm clothing. The igloos are also warmer with 6 people than with 2 people. Remember, this is still an outdoor winter experience!

Is anything included with the $99 I pay online?

The $99 you pay here is just for the 2 hour space rental. There are no drinks or food included in this price. How did we arrive at this cost?, you may ask. Our igloo experiences are unlike any others you'll find around here. Each igloo is outfitted with nice, comfortable furniture and fun activities - record player, Nintendo Switch, etc. We promise the $99 is well worth it!

Can I bring my own food into the igloo?

We usually have food trucks here at the distillery, and we would prefer if you support them. But, if we don't have a food truck on the day of your reservation, you're more than welcome to bring your own. On the morning of your reservation we'll send you a text letting you know if we have a food truck or not. 

Can I stay in my igloo more than 2 hours?

If there is no other reservation after yours, you may stay in your igloo longer. We will charge you accordingly based on how much longer you stay. You can also book multiple reservations in a row on our website if you'd like. If you want to stay at the distillery longer but there is a reservation after you, you can always hang in the tasting room.

How many people can we have in the igloos?

We recommend 6 people for the most comfortable experience, but you can have up to 8. Some igloos will be more cramped with 8 than others. If you have 8 people we would recommend Basement Hang, Girls Night, or Endless Summer.

Are the igloos dog friendly?

Unfortunately, with the furniture and rugs we have in the igloos, we cannot allow dogs. 

Can I bring my own alcohol?

The Better Man Distilling Co has a fully functioning tasting room and bar, so we cannot permit outside alcohol. You will have a large selection of craft cocktails and beer to choose from off our menu.

What happens when we arrive?

When you get to the distillery, come into the tasting room. Someone will greet you and bring you over to your igloo. When you're in the igloo, everything will be contactless. All orders will be conducted via text message (the number will be given to you on arrival), and all drinks will be left outside the igloo on a table for you to retrieve. You will also be asked to leave all empty glasses on the same table. You'll have access to a bluetooth speaker as well as any activities your igloo may come with. Your server will notify you when you have 30 minutes remaining, and will come to the igloo to close you out at the end of the reservation.