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Cosmic Soul Dry Gin 750mL

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The creation of Cosmic Soul took nine months. With each iteration that Head Distiller, Peter, produced, we blind tested it against multiple gins, both household names and unique craft brands, determining wether our gin fit with what people already love, and if it stood out enough to catch their attention.

As a dry gin, we felt Cosmic Soul should be an all-around spirit, both enhancing cocktails and standing strong on its own. Each iteration was therefore tested straight up as a sipping gin, and in three classic gin cocktails - martiin, negroni, and gin and tonic. After nine months we finally arrived at the current recipe. It's an American style dry gin, rather than a London style juniper bomb. Citrus notes are present on the nose and the front end, with the flavor settling into cinnamon and spice on the back end.

Our goal is to be known as a gin house, helping gin take it's rightful place at the top of every cocktail menu and at the front of every liquor store. Cosmic Soul has acted as a conversion tool, helping gin naysayers learn to love and appreciate this enchanting spirit.

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