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June Book Selection

After an Instagram vote, our June book is....

Our June Meeting will be on Wednesday June 30 at 6PM. You may arrive anytime between 5PM and 6PM.

Please RSVP here

*If you're coming with a group, please only have 1 person RSVP for all of you.

*Be sure to mark whether you're comfortable sitting with strangers or not.

*There is a cap on the number of people who can attend the meeting, so if you're unable to RSVP, that's why.

*If you're unable to attend after RSVPing yes, let us know ASAP, so we can let some other people in.

For future reference, all Book Club updates will be posted on our Instagram story and here on the blog. We will occasionally send out emails, but that will not be our main form of communication.

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