treat your guests to a full craft cocktail experience 

I don't know about you, but our family and friends love coming to our house because they know we always have delicious cocktails to prepare. Not only do they enjoy drinking the cocktails, they love watching us make the cocktails. Measuring, shaking, stirring, pouring, and garnishing is a mesmerizing art. Better Man bar service will wow your guests and bring your party to the next level, leaving people looking forward to your next soiree. We will create custom cocktails specifically for your event based on your flavor preferences with relevant names and descriptions that will be special to you and your guests. If you'd like us to make your soiree BETTER (see what I did there?) fill out the inquiry form below and we'll get back to you shortly! We look forward to partying with you. 

At this point we are able to make cocktails using our Cosmic Soul Dry Gin or Equinox White Rye. We are extremely creative in the cocktail department so I'd recommend giving us creative freedom to work with your flavor specifications. Although we only have two spirits at this time, you'd be surprised how many cocktails we can adapt to taste incredible without their original ingredients. (We love a White Rye Manhattan!) Please be aware that we will need enough room for our portable bar, portable sink, and ice cooler. We will also need access to your fridge and freezer. We do not provide glassware. A 50% deposit is due upon scheduling the event and the remaining 50% is due on the day of the event (cash or card).