Peach & Pine Cafe

Vegan/Vegetarian Edition

Sun Mar 29 11AM-4PM

If you'd like to attend our very first Brunch With Your Buddy, please fill out the reservation form on this page. Please note that the reservation time frame is Sun Mar 29 11AM-4PM. We have both indoor and outdoor tables available. We will contact you via text to confirm your reservation and get your preference of indoor vs outdoor. If no tables are available at your requested time, we will provide you with other options. If you reserve a table and can no longer make it to the event, please let us know so we can get as many people seated as possible.


Walk-Ins are welcome, but a table is not guaranteed. If a table in unavailable, you're welcome to grab a pastry and some dog treats and enjoy a cocktail or cup of coffee at one of our standing tables or at the beach chairs outside.