If you’re hosting a party and would rather entertain your guests than play bartender all night, we’ve got you covered. For your event we can create a custom cocktail or two or five for you and your guests to enjoy. The cocktails will be set up in drink dispensers for everyone to serve themselves. Simply fill out the inquiry form below so we can learn a bit about your party and cocktail needs and we’ll contact you to iron out the details. We look forward to being a part of your celebration!

We are able to make cocktails using our Cosmic Soul Dry Gin or Equinox White Rye. They will be custom craft cocktails created specifically for your event. We recommend letting us have creative freedom with your flavor preferences so we can create something truly special. Please keep in mind there are certain cocktails we cannot make as a batch. ie) Martinis, negronis, and of course anything that’s not made with gin or white rye. However we can adapt your favorite cocktail to be made with one of our spirits. (We love a good gin margarita!) Cocktails can be made in 1 gallon, 1.75 gallon, or 3.5 gallon batches. This roughly equates to 32, 56, or 112 4oz cocktails. We recommend having enough for 2 cocktails per person, but only you know how much your family and friends like to drink, so that number may be higher or lower. You will need to provide a table area for us to set the cocktails up on. We do not provide glassware and ice (although the cocktails will be chilled in the dispensers). A 50% deposit plus a $25 per dispenser security deposit is required upon scheduling the event. The remaining 50% can be paid in advance or on the day of the event (cash or card). The dispenser deposit will be refunded upon return of the dispensers.